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Haytam Bakouane - Professional Laravel/Vue developer

I've been working with PHP/Laravel, JavaScript and Vue for the past 4 to 5 years, I've produced many web applications including CRMs, SaaS apps, Microservice APIs, Single-Page-Applications, ERPs and more ...

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Haytam Bakouane - Professional Laravel/Vue developer


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My Projects


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Biblio is a web app for managing the work flow of a library, coming with an API that you can consume in the frontend.

Check it on GitHub

Twitter – Tailwind CSS NEW

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Redesign of Twitter's homepage using TailwindCss. Making use of its utility classes, my CSS file has 37 lines :)

Preview it Check it on GitHub

Country List Builder NEW

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Generate a JSON object of the world countries with the fields you want for your next project (name, continent, cutizenship, surface, domain name, flag and more ...).

Check it on GitHub

User-admin Livechat

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Laravel Livewire

This project allows users to connect with the admins of a platform in a fluent way, it supports files, images, and video sharing as well.

Check it on GitHub

Cashier & Stripe Connect

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I've officially contributed to this is a package that allows a marketplace to take its cut from a sale and transfer the remaining amount to the vendor, It uses Stripe Connect and Laravel Cashier.

Check it on GitHub

Laravel, AdminLTE & Vue

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Laravel Vue

AdminLte 3 integrated in a Laravel + Vue Project

Check it on GitHub

Portfolio (v2)

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JavaScript Bootstrap

My personal portfolio which you're visualising right now :)

Ecom Shop Builder

Laravel JavaScript Vue

This is an ecommerce store builder, this is a solution for the COD business, it's not available on GitHub but you still can know more about it.

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Mata On Me

Laravel JavaScript Vue Livewire Vuetify

Mataonme is a links sharing SaaS which allow the users to gather their links in one place, and share that link with their fans/clients.

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About Me

I have been always focused on writing clean code using the best practice possible, meanwhile focusing on scalability and maintainability, I make awesome and stunning softwares using:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Tailwind
  • JavaScript
  • VueJs
  • Vuetify
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • Livewire
  • GitHub/GitLab
  • Agile Software Development
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Domain Driven Development (DDD)
  • Ubuntu Servers Deployment (DigitalOcean ...)
  • Modular Monolith Structure
  • Monitoring and Optimization
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Greg Garrison

Project Manager @ Meto

(First Feedback) – I worked closely with Haytam for months on a mid-size Laravel project and he was invaluable. He was always responsive and helpful and often immediately knew a way to solve the problems we were facing. He also was happy to do research and learn new tools or technologies if that was required. He had a great attitude and was very easy to work with!

Louis De Clerque

Co-Founder @ Yeeld

We couldn't have imagined a better work experience with Haytam, both in terms of professionalism and skills. Haytam always communicated clearly and honoustly on what was feasible within the timeframe and never under-delivered. We had frequent touch-points to discuss database architecture, progress & time schedule, and outstanding questions we/Haytam had. In terms of skills. Haytam showed solid experience and know-how in full-stack development of our web application, proving his strong skills in Laravel-PHP, SQL, Javascript (Vue). In addition, Haytam delivered source code that was well-written and commented clearly every step, making the code easy to understand for us. Moreover, Haytam proposed to make some tutorial demo's afterwards to explain the inner workings of the application and he delivered this in no time to us subsequently. If I have to summarise Haytam in two words, it would be his (1) dedication & (2) professionalism. We had an excellent cooperation and will continue working with him in the future.

Greg Garrison

Project Manager @ Meto

(Second Feedback) – Haytam is a great resource. He's always available, fluent English skills, super communicative on chat and very productive. We have him supporting a Laravel product and he has skills both in the backend and in design with Bootstrap in the front-end which is invaluable. He's also researched new technologies to implement in places where they are advantageous. Haytam is a fantastic addition to our development team.

Dubouloz Joris

CEO @ Sitenco

Good developer and involved in his task. He is serious

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